James Clark, Atlantic City food critic

"I'll let you know what I'm thinking… dear God, if it weren't for Ninja products I don't think I would still draw oxygen from this earth!! Seriously, my dietary agenda has changed 180 degrees since I received that slow cooker. The searing and the skillet options are what puts the product over the top. I cannot imagine life without this slow cooker."

A Year of Slow Cooking — Visit →

"I personally have used every make and model of slow cooker on the market. In these past 4 years, I've tested and prepared over 1000 slow cooker recipes, and this truly (truly!) is the best cooker I've ever used."

Meal Makeover Moms — Visit →

"Cooking in the Ninja is fast and nutritious, and cleanup is super easy"

Steamy Kitchen — Visit →

"It's not often that I'll rave about a slow cooker - I mean, they all pretty much work the same. Slow ‘n low. This one is different. The Ninja Cooking System actually has the ability to sear and saute as well as slow cook! We've been testing recipes with this multi-function machine and have been loving it. "

Cupcake Project — Visit →

"I would highly recommend taking a look at the Ninja if you are on the market for a slow cooker. Why get a standard slow cooker when you can get one that has so many different functions?!"

Mom Advice — Visit →

"Can't you just imagine how awesome this would be in scenarios like camping or in a hotel room when you want to save money and still eat well? I can't wait to transport this with us!"

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"I am all for making things easier in the kitchen without having to sacfrice taste or quality. A new system called the The Ninja Cooking System is an incredible way for families to enjoy healthy meals in half in the time."

Real Moms Real Views — Visit →

"The Ninja Cooking System will make a great addition to the busy holiday season in any home, with all the hustle and bustle you don't have to worry about dinner after a long day of errands and shopping. It's the perfect way to come home to a good ole home cooked me"

Heather Likes Food — Visit →

"I love that I can sear, slow-cook, and simmer all in one pot! The other day I also used mine to heat up a gallonsized Ziploc bag of frozen solid soup. 45 minutes on the 350 degree oven setting gave hot, simmering soup without me having to worry about scalding the bottom of the pan or stirring—it was amazing!"

Kel's Café of All Things Food — Visit →

"If you use a slow cooker a lot, get this. The stovetop feature for browning and searing is worth it alone. I will definitely use the Ninja in the summer instead of my oven, to keep my kitchen cooler"

Glitterful Felt Stories — Visit →

"The Ninja cooking system has become my best friend in the kitchen. I have been using it almost everyday to get dinner on the table in a flash."