Cooking Style

About the Unit: What materials make-up the Ninja® Cooking System pot, lid and rack?

The lid is made of steel with a non-stick coating on both sides. The aluminum pot will not shatter or crack and has a professional non-stick coating. The removable rack is made of chrome plated steel.

How much does the Ninja® Cooking System weigh?

The overall system weighs 12.2 lbs. (Competition weighs 13.2 lbs. on average). The pot weighs approximately 3 pounds while traditional crockery pots weigh 8 pounds.

What is one-pot layered meal cooking?

Layered meal cooking uses you Ninja® Cooking System to provide heat to both the sides and bottom of the pot, along with super-heated moisture, allowing you to create complete meals at the same time.  It’s the best of steam roasting with the added functionality of layering vegetables and starches in the same pot as the protein, which cooks above on the rack.

What is one-pot meal cooking?

One-pot meal making are delicious family meals that are ready in 30 minutes.  And with one pot, you get quick clean up as well.

What is SEARious™ Slow cooking and Slow cooking?

Searing meats before cooking adds flavor and appearance.  Sear using the built-in stove top before slow cooking – for more delicious meals all in one appliance. Slow cooking is cooking foods at low temperature for a long time in a moist cooking environment.  Typical slow cook meals take 8-10 hours on low and 4-6 hours on high.

What is steam infused baking?

Steam infused baking uses bottom and side-band heating, combined with super-heated steam, to bake with 30% less fat*!  You get cakes that are moist and delicious and lower in calories!

What is steam infused roasting?

Steam infused roasting uses bottom heat and side-band heating, combined with super-heated steam, to cook 30% faster**, with less fat.  The result is juicier meats!

When would I use one-pot layered meal cooking and how does it work?

One-pot layered meal cooking is best used when preparing a protein that is to be served separate with a side starch such as couscous, pasta or quick-cook rice. You can also add a vegetable on top of the protein. One-pot layered meal cooking is done by adding water or broth with your starch to the bottom of the pot, then inserting the roasting rack with your protein and vegetables on top and using the OVEN setting.

When would I use one-pot meal cooking and how does it work?

One-pot meal cooking is best used with pasta dishes (no need to drain) as well as layered meals, using protein, a starch and a vegetable all cooked in one meal. One-pot meal cooking is done by placing everything on the bottom of the pot and cooking on the OVEN setting. No need to pre-heat or drain.

When would I use slow cooking and how does it work?

You can use slow cooking for all types of meals.  This method of cooking is perfect for meats that are typically less expensive cuts and take many hours to tenderize.  The long and low temperature leaves the meat tender and juicy. For other types of foods, slow cooking allows you to cook hands-free, over a longer period of time. The Ninja® system includes Slow Cook HIGH, LOW and Auto Warm settings.  Slow cook HIGH cooks in half the time it takes to cook on slow cook LOW.  This flexibility offers two options that work best with your schedule.  Use LOW for all-day “set it and forget it” cooking. Use HIGH for half day or weekend cooking.  Once the cooking cycle is complete, the unit will automatically switch to AUTO WARM, which will run for 12 hours.

When would I use steam baking and how does it work?

Steam baking is best used with cakes, cupcakes, loafs, puddings, custards and cheesecakes. Steam baking is done by adding water to the bottom of the COOKING pot and cooking on the OVEN setting.  The steam created by the water helps your desserts cook more evenly, retain more moisture and give a better rise.

When would I use steam roasting and how does it work?

Steam roasting is best used with beef, pork, fish and poultry. Steam roasting is done by adding liquid to the bottom of the COOKING  pot and cooking on the OVEN setting.  No need to pre-heat.


Can I deep fry in the Ninja® Cooking System?

The Ninja should never be used for deep frying.  It can be used for searing and sautéing.

Can I leave my house with the unit plugged in and cooking?

It is perfectly safe to leave the Ninja® plugged in  ONLY for slow cooker or buffet settings. The other forms of cooking are engaged cooking and you must be present. Think of these as if it is your home stove or oven.

Can I reheat my food in the Ninja® Cooking System?

YES! The stove top function is perfect for reheating. Simply place your food in the unit, and set to stovetop high to get the unit warm. Adjust appropriately as you would on your stovetop at home.

Can I use the pot on my stovetop or oven?

NO. It is recommended that you not use the pot on stovetop or in the oven to preserve the non-stick coating of the pot.

Can you take the lid off when slow cooking?

It is not advisable to take it off during the first 2 hours.  Taking the lid off slows the cooking process by approximately 15-20 minutes each time you remove the lid.

Does the Ninja® cooking system promote healthier cooking and how?

Yes.  You do not need to add additional fats to your cooking.  And for baking, you only need to add up to half the fat from your favorite baked cake recipe. Steam provides Triple Fusion Heating, which is heat that comes from the bottom and sides and steam to provide the moist environment to keep meats juicier and cakes moister while cooking.  

Do I need my lid for all forms of cooking?

For Slow cooking you need to use a lid. For Oven cooking you need to use a lid. For Stovetop cooking it is recommended to keep the lid on to get the unit hot before searing; then since a lot of cooking requires you to tend ingredients, you can keep the lid off to continuously stir or sauté.

Do the handles and the exterior of the pot get hot?

Yes, with any heating appliance, it is always good to be safe; we recommend using mitts in handling the product. Dials will remain comfortable to touch without the use of mitts.

Do you use OVEN setting for steam cooking?

Yes.  Refer to questions 2 & 4.

How come I don’t hear a beep when the timer hits zero?

There is no beep.

How does the Ninja® compare to may standard oven?

The Ninja® cooking system has a revolutionary steam roast/steam bake process that the best restaurants offer.  This is something you cannot do in the standard home oven.  This process adds extra flavor and moistness to both meats and baked desserts.  Meats come out juicier and cook 30% faster.  In addition, you need only half the fat of standard cake baking recipes, with moister results.

How long are the timers for each of the cooking settings?

Stovetop: there is no timer since this is engaged cooking; if left on, it will automatically turn off:
High—after 1 hour
Med---after 2 hours
Low--- after 4 hours

Slow Cook on  Low and High: after 12 hours
Auto Keep Warm stays on for 12 hours
Buffet stays on for 12  hours

Oven: after 6 hours

Note:  If oven timer is not set, it will default to 1 hour of cooking.

How long does the time flash when the timer ends?

2 minutes and then power will shut off.

If I buy any or all the baking accessories, are they good in my regular oven?

Yes.  All accessories can be used in a regular oven.

What happens if my water runs out when I am steam roasting or steam baking?

Add more water, 1 cup for every 10 minutes.  It can be added at any time.

What is the maximum temperature range for the oven?

250-425 degrees.

What is the wattage of the unit?

Stovetop wattage is 850 watts, slow cooker is 350 watts: Total oven setting  is 1200 watts.

Why is the lid domed?

The lid is domed to be able to use in roasting, using the roasting rack, and can hold up to a 6 lb. chicken, or a 4 lb. roast.

Why is the Ninja® Cooking System different form other standard stovetop kitchen cooking appliances?

The Ninja® cooking system can sear and slow cook all in the same appliance, using the STOVETOP functions, then SLOW COOK function, with less mess.  It is true one-pot cooking.  Plus, you can keep all the delicious flavors during the searing process.  Having a stovetop and slow cooker in one appliance allows you to reduce sauces after slow cooking and even reheat food.

Product Care: Cleaning & Maintenance

Can I put the pot into the freezer?

 No, it is not recommended to store food in the cooking pot in the freezer.

How do I clean the Ninja® Cooking System?

Unplug the unit from the wall outlet. NEVER immerse the main housing in water or any other liquid. The inner liner can be wiped  clean with a damp cloth. The lid and rack are not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed  only in warm sudsy water. The pot is dishwasher safe.  However, do not use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners. If food residue is stuck on, soak in hot water and mild soap.

What is the outlet cord length?

24 inches.

What type of utensils do I use?

As with any non-stick surface, use scratch resistant, non-metal utensils on the surface of the pot.

Why can’t the lid or the rack go in the dishwasher?

The metal rack or the metal vent hole in the lid can rust.

Will my unit get hot on the exterior housing during the cooking process?

Yes, be sure to use protective oven mitts during handling  during the cooking process.


How can I get accessories or additional parts?

Parts and accessories may be ordered on line in the “PARTS TAB of this website or at our main website at  You may also contact customer care at 1-877-646-5288 for assistance.

What happens if “EO2” or “EO3” appears on the display screen?

The Ninja® Cooking System is not functioning.   In accordance with our warranty conditions (please see Owner's Guide for warranty specifics), product deemed defective may require repair or replacement during the warranty period. Ninja® has several options available to the customer for both "in warranty" and "out of warranty" conditions. The Ninja® Customer Care representatives will gladly take the time to explain the options available to you.

What happens if I lose electricity, I am not home, and the slow cooker is on?

It will show you a warning code: Err---food will automatically stop cooking.  If more than an hour, dispose of the food for health and safety issues.

What happens if I poured water into the liner instead of the pot?

Unit is likely damaged and may require repair or replacement. DO NOT USE UNIT!! Immediately unplug the unit. Call customer service right away at 1-877-646-5288  for further assistance.

What happens if I see an “Err” on the display screen?

The “Err” occurs when power to the unit is interrupted or it the unit is plugged in and the function dial is not in the OFF position.  Simply turn the function dial to “OFF” and then turn dial to desired cooking mode.

What happens when “EO1” appears on the screen?

“EO1” occurs when the unit is still on but the pot has been removed from the cooking housing system.  Place the pot back in the cooking unit.

Delivery and Order Information

How will I know when you ship my order?

Customers who provided an email address at the time of order placement will receive both an email order confirmation, as well as shipping confirmation with the corresponding tracking number.  Customer with no email on file  are eligible to receive an automated voice message with the tracking number  (if available) on the date  of shipment.

I am taking advantage of the Multi-payment Option. Why is the amount of my first payment higher than the payments that follow?

Each payment divides the value of the main offer equally across all four or  five payments. The difference between the first payment and the subsequent payments is that all applicable taxes and shipping charges and any accessories purchased in addition to the main offer are applied to the first payment.

I have billing type questions about my order. What should I do?

Your order and shipment confirmations contain all the charge amounts and payment schedules related to your order. If you are taking advantage of our multi- payment program, the payment schedule due dates and amounts are listed directly above the order information section. 

At your convenience, please contact Customer Care for additional assistance via email, phone or live chat.

I just placed an order with Ninja®. When can I expect to receive my order?

Most (in stock) orders shipped within the continental USA are delivered to your doorstep in 7-10 business days. There are certain zip codes that will extend beyond the standard delivery time.

Where are the orders shipped from?

All of our products are shipped from California via UPS ground or USPS as required for certain zip codes.


What happens if I need a repair or replacement?

In accordance with our warranty conditions (please see Owner's Guide for warranty specifics), product deemed defective may require repair or replacement during the warranty period. Ninja® has several options available to the customer for both "in warranty" and "out of warranty" conditions. The Ninja® Customer Care representatives will gladly take the time to explain the options available to you.

What is the refund policy?

Applicable refunds will be issued within 5 days of product receipt providing the product is received within the specified guidelines.

What is the return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied, customers who purchased  the  Ninja  multi-cooker directly from Ninja® may exercise the 60-day money back guarantee option. For your convenience, contact Customer Care at  1-877-646-5288 . to acquire a prepaid return shipping label and refund instructions.